Over the years, I have had the privilege of teaching physics to numerous students, and during my tenure, I have integrated elements of bilingual instruction in the classroom. Recognizing the significance of English as the language of science, I have incorporated short sequences of bilingual teaching to enhance our students‘ scientific comprehension and foster their fluency in English.

Embracing Bilingualism in the Classroom: Language is a powerful tool in the field of education, and science is no exception. As English serves as the lingua franca of scientific research and communication, introducing students to the language early on prepares them for success in their academic and professional pursuits. Consequently, I have introduced brief bilingual segments in our physics classes, encouraging students to discuss observations, hypotheses, and conclusions in both German and English.


Daniel Aniser

Neben seinen inspirierenden Ausflügen teilt Daniel auf myMS.at auch seine Begeisterung für technologische Neuerungen im Bildungsbereich. Seine Berichte über innovative Techniken und Tools zeigen, wie er modernste Technologie nutzt, um das Lernumfeld seiner Schüler kontinuierlich zu bereichern und zu erweitern.

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