On May 11, 2022, the students of class 2A, accompanied by their teachers Bruno Mosbacher and Daniel Aniser, set out on a trip with their bicycles to the Komma Wörgl event center.

The purpose of the outing was a visit to the Vienna English Theatre, where they watched the performance of „The Show Must Go On,“ a contemporary adaptation of Jules Verne’s „Around the World in 80 Days.“ Before attending the play, the class had the opportunity to read the script.

The theater visit was a part of their regular activities, and it proved to be an enriching and educational experience for everyone involved. Each student paid 8 euros to cover the cost of the play and the theater visit.

The group photo and the memorable conversations with the actors added an extra layer of happiness to the already enjoyable theater visit.

On the way back from the Theatre, the class 2A made a stop at the farm of their fellow student, Simon Egger. The group was warmly welcomed by Simon’s mother, who graciously invited them to explore the charming surroundings of their equestrian farm.

Under Simon’s guidance, the classmates met the horses, ponies, and other farm animals, learning interesting facts about each one. Some even had the chance to pet and feed the animals, creating unforgettable moments with their newfound furry friends.

After an enjoyable time with the animals, Simon’s mother kindly offered the class refreshments. The visit to Simon’s farm added an unexpected and delightful twist to the day.

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Daniel Aniser

Neben seinen inspirierenden Ausflügen teilt Daniel auf myMS.at auch seine Begeisterung für technologische Neuerungen im Bildungsbereich. Seine Berichte über innovative Techniken und Tools zeigen, wie er modernste Technologie nutzt, um das Lernumfeld seiner Schüler kontinuierlich zu bereichern und zu erweitern.

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