The students of 3A class took some time out of their schedules to attend an English-language theater performance. The play was performed by students from the International School Kufstein. The parent representatives of 3A organized the theater outing, and the children were driven to Kufstein by their parents in carpool groups. Such off-school gatherings are beneficial for fostering a sense of unity within the class. Our teacher from England, Gabrielle Amestoy, joined the students at the theater and will further explore and discuss the play with her Conversation Group.

The play titled „Time Travel“ delves into the captivating concept that has been explored in countless books, movies, and shows. What if humans had the ability to journey to the distant future or the distant past? One of the pioneering authors who delved into this idea seriously was the science fiction writer H.G. Wells. His monumental novel „The Time Machine“ opened doors to new dreams, possibilities, and aspirations.

The talented young actors from Kufstein English Theatre put on a mesmerizing stage spectacle, drawing inspiration from the classic tale of Eloys and Morlocks, while also incorporating additional journeys to both the worlds of tomorrow and yesteryear.

The actors of the ISK.

Klaus Reitberger, who adapted the play, made an interesting twist. In this version, the professor character was portrayed as a woman. During a time-travel adventure, the professor traveled to Julius Caesar’s time. She provided Caesar with a tip, advising him not to cross the Rubicon. Additionally, the professor revealed to Caesar how he would meet his demise. However, she was unable to alter the course of history due to Caesar’s stubbornness. So the last line in the history books is different now. Caesar said, „The time traveler was right.“

Julius Caesar receives advice from the inventor of the time machine.

This special event was made possible by the hard work and dedication of our parent representatives, Martina Kapfinger and Alice Loy. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to both of you for organizing such a memorable outing for our children.

Emese Stöger, Gabrielle Amestoy, Daniel Aniser, Martina Kapfinger, and Bruno Mosbacher with 18 students from 3A class.
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Daniel Aniser

Neben seinen inspirierenden Ausflügen teilt Daniel auf auch seine Begeisterung für technologische Neuerungen im Bildungsbereich. Seine Berichte über innovative Techniken und Tools zeigen, wie er modernste Technologie nutzt, um das Lernumfeld seiner Schüler kontinuierlich zu bereichern und zu erweitern.

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Sarah Praschberger

Wir, die 3A, hatten viel Spaß bei der englischsprachigen Theateraufführung der International School Kufstein. Die Schauspieler waren super und das Stück hat uns begeistert. Wir haben viel gelernt und hoffen, dass es solche Ausflüge in Zukunft öfter gibt.

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