My class has been experiencing a unique and enjoyable twist in their biology lessons. Taught in English, the class has found a way to make learning about the natural world even more exciting, thanks to their dedicated teacher, Gabrielle Amestoy. Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the students have managed to find joy in their English biology classes.

Biology in English:
One of the distinctive features of the 1A class is that their biology lessons are conducted entirely in English. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the students‘ learning experience as they navigate the complexities of science in a foreign language. However, under the guidance of Mrs. Amestoy, they have shown remarkable progress and enthusiasm for the subject.

The Topic of Study:
In recent weeks, the class has been diving deep into the fascinating world of mammals. The students have explored various aspects of mammalian biology, from their diverse habitats and adaptations to the unique features of different species. This topic has allowed them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the animal kingdom, specifically the group of creatures we share our planet with.

A Creative Approach:
Today’s biology lesson was a particularly memorable one, and it was all thanks to Mrs. Amestoy’s inventive teaching methods. She introduced a game called „Pencil Nose“ to the class, which added an element of fun and creativity to their learning experience. The game involves using one’s nose to sketch words related to the topic, all while racing against the clock. The goal is to have your fellow classmates guess what you are drawing.

How „Pencil Nose“ Works:
To play „Pencil Nose,“ each student puts on a pair of glasses with a pen attached to them. Then, they select a word card that contains terms related to mammals. With the clear and wipe-clean drawing board held in front of their faces, students use only their noses to draw the objects associated with the chosen word. The challenge lies in creating accurate drawings with a unique and unexpected tool – their noses. The rest of the class has to guess what is being depicted.

Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the complexities of learning biology in English, the 1A class is thriving under the guidance of Mrs. Amestoy. The introduction of the „Pencil Nose“ game has brought an element of entertainment to their lessons while reinforcing their knowledge of the fascinating world of mammals. As they continue to learn, explore, and adapt, the 1A class is proving that with dedication and creativity, even the most challenging subjects can be both informative and fun.

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Daniel Aniser

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